P.K. Subban… definitely a hockey guy.

It’s not like we didn’t know that before The Devils’ Sunday tilt with the Penguins but he might have inserted himself into the NHL’s elite ‘nail’ tier after he suffered a brutal cut and managed to miss… zero shifts. We know hockey guys are tough and all but we’re a little confused as to how P.K. was able to return to quickly after this one… guy got one of the wilder cuts we’ve ever seen in a hockey game!


That’s wild. P.K. managed to finish the game with 20:27 minutes of ice in the devils’ 5-2 loss, and got us thinking… who else returned from a crazy injury without missing much time? Well, that Conor Garland fella over in Arizona managed to net the game-winner after scoring his first goal of the game… off of his face. Again, #hockeyguy.


P.K., rest up buddy. That one looked painful!

(H/T P.K. Subban)