P.K. Subban is one of the more polarizing players in the NHL. While this could refer to his on-ice style, a wheeling defenceman that sometimes makes costly mistakes, we’re talking about himself as a person.

A league chalked full of tradition and norms, P.K. Subban is anything but. His eccentric personality and outspoken social presence certainly aren’t common around the NHL, especially if you compare it to other leagues, but overall it’s hard not to respect his pure way of living.  

Through all the hamming it up, Subban is a genuinely classy guy. Everywhere he goes, he finds a way to endear himself to the fans, and he is also extremely generous off the ice. It’s no surprise that he left a very classy goodbye to Smashville, the city he called home for a couple serious Stanley Cup contender years.



It’s a little hard not to notice the irony of his new profile picture with that thank you, but it does seem to come from the heart. Nashville fans made sure to let him know that he’d always have a piece of their hearts.



(H/T Twitter/PKSubban1)