The Green Bay Packers had an ABYSMAL start to the NFL season when they dropped a 38-3 dud to the New Orleans Saints in Week 1, but most chocked that up to an outlier week than the Packers actual ability.

For one sports bettor, it would have been nice if Aaron Rodgers and the Cheeseheads could take ONE MORE night off against the Detroit Lions.

This particular sports bettor apparently decided to swing for the fences with a 16-leg parlay. They only wagered $25, so it’s not a huge deal if it doesn’t hit, but the thing is: it ALMOST did.



Can’t imagine how difficult the last 24 hours of anticipation were, only to watch the Lions lead the Packers at halftime. In the end, it wasn’t meant to be as the Packers came alive in the 2nd half and defeated the Lions… along with this bettors dreams.

(H/T Odds Checker)