The San Diego Padres' social media team had good intentions for Mother's Day, but execution and ramifications did not work in their favour.

The club changed their Twitter handle of @Padres, which means "fathers" in Spanish to @Madres, which of course means "mothers."

It seemed like a nice gesture, but it certainly had its consequences. Budweiser actually challenged the team to change it in what was a coordinated marketing plan.

The problem? The Padres forgot to freeze their old @Padres handle, and someone by the name of Ricky Padilla changed his username to @Padres.

Fans of the team then started sending questions to Ricky's new handle, like asking when top prospect Luis Urías would get the call to the big leagues.

Yikes. Somebody got a talking to.

The Padres, who have over 400,000 followers must've reached out to Twitter to freeze the account since it now takes you to a "page does not exist" page before reverting back to the Padres' original account.

Don't ever get caught slippin' on the internet, folks.