With Patrick Marleau breaking Gordie Howe’s record and becoming the NHL all-time leader for most games played, there’s no kidding that Marleau has had many, MANY teammates in his career.

We mean playing within 1,768 games, we’re shocked Patty doesn’t need to keep tabs and notes on the names of everyone he’s played with!

During his 23 seasons, he spent two years with the Toronto Maple Leafs where he of course formed one of the greatest bromances we’ve seen within the league.

Some would even say they’re the three best friends that anyone could have.

But along with Matthews and Marner becoming pretty much second sons to him, he also formed other relationships with fellow Leafs players who all came together Monday to share messages of congratulation to the 41-year old.

We can't lie though, this video of Matthews and Marner featuring a cameo by Joe Thornton has to be our favourite message from the Leafs squad.