Over the years, Patrick Beverley has developed a reputation for mixing it up with superstars. Oh, he’ll mix it up with anybody, but against the league’s very best, he seems to take even more delight in causing mayhem and playing mind games.

The Clippers may be facing quite the uphill battle as the eight-seed opposite the Warriors, but Beverley comes alive against a team of superstars. He took exception to a foul call in the third quarter of Game 1, and had a rather exaggerated response to what he saw as a Kevin Durant flop.

Beverley is known to be a bit hands-on as a defender, so the possibility that he fouled KD? Probably pretty high! But Beverley is going to talk smack regardless, and his edge has also been a part of his longevity in the league.

That was just the start of Beverley’s antics with KD. He also racked up a technical foul for clapping at a referee, and then got into a double ejection with Durant after the two collided near half-court — an incident that Steve Kerr described post-game by simply saying, “We took the bait.”

In other words? It was a typical PatBev game!

h/t Twitter/espn