Smelling salts have become a common sighting on most NHL benches.



The whole point of these nasty little packs is to increase the rates at which athletes are breathing, which is brought on by an overload of ammonia. Which, obviously, you need to smell.

They’re not pleasant by any means, and we avoid them at all costs, too, but Patrick Kane’s  use of them on his eyes was just plain odd.



Someone tell Kaner that your eyeballs can’t actually smell the smelling salts.

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In the clip, Kane seems to waft the salts at his eyes, which is a pretty compelling and confusing use of them. Whatever works, though, because Kane currently sits seventh in the league in points, with 56. Kane has also won the Hart, Conn Smythe, Art Ross, and Ted Lindsay trophies.

So honestly, if Patrick Kane uses smelling salts on his eyes, we might just start.

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