What goes around comes around, and that’s probably what Auston Matthews was thinking as he sat on the bench watching Patrick Kane celebrate a late, game-tying goal in very familiar fashion. That’s because Matthews had just done the same celebration moments earlier.

The goals were score 33 seconds of gameplay apart, the middle goals in what would end up being a four-goal, back-and-forth final 1:43 of gameplay resulting in a 7-6 Leafs overtime victory. After Matthews potted his second goal of the game, giving the Buds the lead with just 1:02 to spare, he tossed his hand up in a Hulk Hogan “I can’t hear you” celebration. The Chicago crowd stayed mostly silent.


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Don’t celebrate to early, though, there’s still a minute left! Of course there was just enough time for Patty Kane to put home the game tying goal, and what celebration do you think he chose to use?

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While this looks as though it's a personal shot, the two American stars are actually friends and train together. The respect between the two is mutual, for the very reason they showcased Sunday - their insane hockey talent. 


In the end, Matthews would have the last laugh. He was on the ice in overtime, and contributed the secondary assist on Morgan Rielly’s game-winner. Likely everyone in the world was hoping for either Kane or Matthews to end it themselves though.