As a Jets fan, I have mixed feelings about the whole Patrik Laine experiment in Columbus. On one hand, and I hate to say it, but it’s somewhat satisfying seeing him not perform as well with his new team as he did in Winnipeg. Patrik, as far as talent goes… you had it pretty good in Las Pegas! On the other hand… this is my favourite player we’re talking about here. Regardless of how things played out, I’m sad to see him struggling in the league and it’s become apparent that this guy needs to get the hell out of Columbus.


It didn’t take a genius to foresee the 22-year-old’s struggles with his new team. Columbus is nothing to write home about up front (28th in the league with 2.44 goals per game), and come on… Torts as his head coach? Could have seen this one not working out from a mile away. Torts has benched the young sniper a few times now, one of which came after he scored a goal and an assist. Oh- and they ended up losing that game 5-4 in overtime after holding a 4-1 lead in the third!

To give you some perspective on how rough it’s been for Patty south of the border, just check out his stats over the team’s last seven. No goals, no assists, no NOTHING.


Yeah, I’m pissed off about it.


He didn’t even have a shot on goal Tuesday night against the Lightning and played less than 16 minutes in CBJ’s 4-2 win over the Lightning. A win’s a win, but there’s no way this guy should be playing such few minutes. NO WAY!

So now the question becomes… what to do with the guy now? Should this marriage continue, or should a contender make a move for him at the deadline? I’m all in favour of the latter because if I’m being real, I don’t think Laine is going to want to stay in Columbus long term. So, I compiled a list of teams I think he’d fit nicely on. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments if you don’t mind.


The deadline is on Monday. Someone, please, ANYONE(!), make a move for our 2016 second overall pick. You won’t regret it…