If you're a fan of Patrik Laine you should definitely hit up the Winnipeg Jets team store, because they likely have a whole lot of pro-stock sticks from the sophomore star available.

It's no surprise that players in the NHL go through sticks like people go through pencils, as they essentially have a near-unlimited supply. But still, when you think of a player's stick usage, you probably imagine that they would cycle through around three sticks at most. Laine however likes to use a few more...depending on how many powerplays the Jets have.



That's a whole lot of sticks! Again, when you have a near limitless supply of sticks, you probably wouldn't want to leave anything to chance during a game, so why not prevent your stick from breaking on the powerplay by picking up a new twig each time out?

For us regular folks, though, I would just get used to using one stick per game. That is unless you're interested in spending up to $4000 a game on equipment fees.