When Tom Brady joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last offseason, it was a departure that New England Patriots fans had come to expect. The Pats seemed intent on going another direction, but it didn’t make the move come with any less heartache is Massachusetts.

To make things even a little more bitter, Brady subsequently recruited beloved Pats tight end Rob Gronkowski from the grips of retirement.

As the season wore on, the Brady to Gronk connection strengthened down in Tampa. Eventually, Pats fans had to watch the dynamic duo who tore up the league with New England lift the Lombardi Trophy with another team.

Just weeks after fellow Pats icon Julian Edelman announced his retirement from the NFL, more Brady comments went viral when he joked about Edelman joining him and Gronk down in Tampa.

While we all knew it was likely said for entertainment purposes, we couldn’t help but briefly wonder β€œβ€¦.is it possible?”

To the delight of Pats fans everywhere, Edelman emphatically squashed any developing theories with a simple tweet.

Foxboro Forever!!

Needless to say, Pats fans ate it up. Some were spiteful towards the Brady/Gronk departure, while others were simply relieved they didn’t have to watch another team legend go and compete for the same team that employs two already.