Paul Maurice has taken quite a bit of heat from hockey fans since Monday but most of it hasn’t even been a result of the sweep.

It’s what he did after Game 4 that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

Fans were quick to notice after the final horn that Maurice and his staff were absent from the traditional handshake line that typically takes place between coaches and players. While speaking with the media to officially close out the Jets’ season, the veteran head coach shared his opinion that the handshake line should be between players, hence his absence. He did, however, apologize for his actions.


Does this clear the air a bit Habs fans?

It’s not like this is Maurice’s first rodeo. The guy is one of the more respected coaches in the league and at least he knows to do things differently next time? No one wants to see their opponent after getting swept but hey, that’s why we love the tradition so much.

Water under the bridge!