There are a lot of things for hockey fans to be stoked about this season and one of them is getting to see the Reverse Retro jerseys live in person (well, live on TV).

Since some of the teams might look a little different than usual when they hit the ice in their Reverse Retro jerseys, it means some goalies are going to have new masks made up just for those specific nights.

With the Colorado Avalanche going with a Quebec Nordiques look with their Reverse Retro jersey, Pavel Francouz is showing some love to some of the franchise’s greatest and most memorable players.

We’re a little shocked that he didn’t include any former goalies on the Reverse Retro mask, but it’s still one of the sharpest masks we’ll see on the ice this season.

Oh, his other masks are pretty sharp, too.

Which one is your favourite?

(H/T Twitter/Avalanche)