Pedro Martinez was always an excellent player in the game of baseball, but in Family Feud, he’s below replacement level.

Martinez is one of our favourite personalities on sports broadcasts, because he’s very knowledgable, experienced and loads of fun. He was showing off that personality on Family Feud recently as a bunch of athletes joined the show, and he became an instant YouTube hit by answering the statement “Name a word that rhymes with ‘Yummy’”.


Steve Harvey’s reactions are always the best when a contestant gives a silly answer, but realistically, this one wasn’t even THAT far off. If you take Pedro’s accent into account, the words really do rhyme. Just ask any poet or songwriter – sometimes you just have to make the word rhyme.

Martinez clearly believed in his answer as well, because you can see he doesn’t really understand why they think it was so funny.

If only they asked him for a word that rhymed with door, he would definitely have a good one for that.