Penny Oleksiak has solidified herself as one of Canada’s top athletes, and with her performance at this year’s Olympic Games, is officially the most decorated Canadian Olympian of all time. 



Not a bad accomplishment for 21 years old, huh?

Aside from her athletic abilities, which we’ve been going on and on about (and will continue to) all Olympics long, Penny is also very elite when it comes to Twitter. When she just missed the podium, she didn’t pout about it; she shared a message right away that the come back would be even better.



When she captured the title of most decorated Canadian Olympian, she shared this boss message: 



Today, Oleksiak shared out another great tweet about a doubter she had back in the day. 



We love this energy! Penny followed up with a message to clarify that, like all of us, she’s also had a lot of great teachers. 



If they could give a Gold for tweeting, Penny would pull even further ahead in the ‘most decorated’ race. 

(H/T: OleksiakPenny