We wouldn't go as far to sat that chirping from the sidelines at a sporting event is an art form, but it does take a certain amount of skill.

Make a comment that's corny and you risk getting booed by your own fanbase. Go too far and you're that jerk who got kicked out of a basketball game because you don't know how to conduct yourself in public. There's a fine balance too it. This Utah Jazz fan didn't find that balance, and yet the end result was hilarious.

During the 2nd quarter of Game 3 of the Jazz-Thunbder series, one fan in the stands took aim at Russell Westbrook with a chirp so clean it could be aired on the Disney Channel.



That definitely falls under the category of 'so lame it's good.' Westbrook likely didn't hear it, but if he did, he probably would've appreciated it more than this type of fan interaction.