There are three things that all professional hockey players wish to be awarded throughout the course of their career. A Stanley Cup, an invite to the All-Star Game and their very own bobblehead.

Alright, so maybe that last one isn't quite as prestigious of an award as the other two, but it's still quite an honour. Monday, the Pittsburgh Penguins announced that they will be giving away "Back-to-back champion" bobbleheads featuring Evgeni Malkin and Matt Murray on one, and Sidney Crosby and Phil Kessel on the other. This seems to be Kessel's first official team giveaway bobblehead (has had one availalbe on team store website) with the Penguins, and we would have to say that he must be pretty pleased with it, as it's pretty bang on.



Guess it was a little too late to change the design to 'Chill Phil." Bobbleheads can be a tough thing to create. Sometimes the designs look identical to the players, and other times they can look way off. Take for example this one from Kessel's time with the Maple Leafs that looks like John Doe.


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Apart from that bobblehead not looking anything like Phil, the player model also seems to be holding his stick like someone is playing tug-o-war with him for it. The Penguins bobbleheads, which look much better, will be given out on March 3rd on 'charity night,' with proceeds going to the Penguins Foundation and Mario Lemieux Foundation.