Is there anything better than watching Phil Kessel laugh uncontrollably? The answer to that ladies and gentlemen is…


Kessel got hit with some laughing powder last night when a strange play took place late in the Penguins vs. Capitals game. With less than a minute to play, teammate Patric Hornqvist went for the empty net and everything was looking fine UNTIL it took a serious turn for the worse. Remarkably, the puck bounced off of the ice, somehow hit the cross-bar, and bounced out of play, robbing the Swede of his 17th goal of the season. With a puzzled looked on his face, Hornqvist returned to the bench only to find his old pal Phil cracking up on the bench.

It’s hard not to crack up a bit after watching this.


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PHIL!!!! Hockey fans couldn’t get enough of it.


Everything turned out to be okay as the Pens held onto the win, and Phil seemed to be having the time of his life. But sometimes, we can’t help but wonder what he’s thinking on the bench. With that said, BarDown’s Jeff Hall once took a crack at it and actually seemed to nail it down pretty well. (click for video).


It’s not like Hornqvist is the first to miss an empty net on a bizarre play and he certainly won’t be the last. Patrik Stefan notoriously missed one against the Oilers with the Stars, and who could forget this dude, who completely freaked and missed terribly on the yawning cage. The wipeout definitely did not make anything better.


We can only imagine how Phil would have reacted on the bench to that one!

Phil, please, for everything that’s right in the world, never stop being the glorious man you portray to the world on a daily basis.

(H/T r/Hockey)