Phil Mickelson is apparently regarded as the best trash talker in the game of golf.

Last month Mickelson delivered one of the most ruthless kill shots when he said

"I do think we're going to be able to come out on top. We're going to find a way, we're just going to find a way. And Charles, out of the three of us, has not really won his championship. Peyton's won Super Bowls, I've been able to win some majors on tour, Steph's won the NBA Championship. Charles never did. Now, he won the gold medal in the Olympics, but I view this as a chance for him to finally get his championship."


Mickelson said he's honored to have Barkley as his partner, but not overly optimistic about having him as his partner. He is confident they'll get the W and that's all that matters.

'The Match: Champions for Change' will put Payton Manning and Steph Curry against Phil Mickelson and Charles Barkley. Manning is returning again this year, last year he teamed up with Tiger Woods to defeat Mickelson and Tom Brady.

Ahead of this year's game, Mickelson already got the chirps flowing.

We're sure it's all out of love!

And fans are absolutely loving it.