A number of basketball players were at the Super Bowl in Minnesota on Sunday which further proves that the game is so much bigger than the sport of football each and every year.



@jimmybutler’s playing dominoes at the Super Bowl 😂 (via @itsjusme_)

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@karltowns shows his support for Meek Mill at the Super Bowl

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Kyle Lowry was one of those NBA players at the game, but his journey to Minnesota was a little more rushed as the Raptors played on Sunday, so following the game, he got on a flight and headed to the game.

Lowry got there and had the chance to witness one of the great games in Super Bowl history that ended with his Eagles winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history, which brought out this reaction from the Philadelphia native.



Great day !!! Congrats @philadelphiaeagles !!! #whataday!!!

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Philadelphia's own Kobe Bryant wasn't able to make it to the game, but his reaction was similar to Lowry's, except it had a few swear words.


There were a ton of reactions from fans, athletes and celebrities following the game and you can watch the best videos here!

(H/T: Kobe Bryant and Kyle Lowry)