Don’t you just love discovering new details about the Seattle Kraken’s upcoming season?

In 2018, we found out the city would be getting a team, so we all started wondering… what would the team be called? A few years later, we found out. We also wondered… what would the jerseys look like? And what would the arena look like?! Now we have an idea of what the roster will look like this year and we’re getting so close to the Kraken’s first game that we know what the goalie equipment will even look like.

Well, one of the goalie’s helmets at least, and it’s beautiful!

DaveArt took on the task of designing the franchise’s first ever starting goaltender’s mask and let us tell you… he nailed! Take a look for yourself:


Those anchors… wow!

A reminder that Grubauer nearly didn’t even join the Kraken in the first place. The Colorado Avalanche attempted to sign the 29-year-old but he ultimately chose to join Seattle instead on a six-year, $35.4 million contract.


So hockey fans… what do you think of the new mask? Is it top ten in the NHL?

(H/T Dave Art)