Some catches are made off the diamond… and apparently don’t even require a glove?

The Phillies hosted the Mets on Sunday night where a fan made hands down the nicest play of the game from his seat… or hands up?! In the top of the seventh, Michael Conforto ripped a foul ball off JoJo Romero with 97 mph velocity coming HOT off the bat, and what should have been a nothing play turned into the highlight of the night when a fan managed to catch the ball bare-handed… WITH AN ICE CREAM IN HIS HAND!!!!

You just don’t see this every day, folks.


Can someone get this dude a contract? Sheesh!

So apparently some fans are a lot smoother than others. Wish we could say this Reds fan was able to pull off a highlight reel play himself, but that just simply wasn’t the case on a home run from April 22.


It’s May folks, there are still plenty of fan moments like these ones that have yet to take place. That Phillies catch, however, will likely go down as the fan play of the year… what a play!