Around this time last year, Mario Alford was traded to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Since then he’s played in 13 regular season games for the team where he had 38 kickoff returns for 990 yards and two touchdowns, 44 punt returns for 530 yards and one touchdown, and three missed field goal returns for 129 yards and one touchdown. He was rewarded for his strong season by being named the CFL's Most Outstanding Special Teams Player in 2022.

He caught up with Thomas Pocrnic and Luca Celebre on Huddle Up to discuss the CFL season, and how different the CFL return rules are for his craft. They also touched on Mario winning Special Teams Player of the Year, and the Roughriders passion that brings the team motivation.

Lastly they touched on Roughriders nation, how the fans are known for wearing watermelon hats and if Mario would consider wearing one himself during a game if he was allowed.

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