You know what? The playoffs are stressful.

The postseason is the pinnacle of sport, as intensity and compete levels bubble to an all-time high during the playoffs. This might sound like a lot of fun, but lots of people don’t take the pressure into account.

It can be absolutely crazy, just ask the Raptors or the Lightning

Now, imagine appearing in the playoffs 15 times, and the NBA finals eight times.

That amount of stress has to take years off of our life, which makes how carefree and happy LeBron James is looking this offseason is totally understandable. He’s been there, done that, and honestly - he’s living  his best life. 

If you needed proof, here it is.



Bron in this video is our Summer ‘19 goals😂. ••• (🎥: @espn)

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Now THAT is a happy Bron.


If anyone deserves it? It’s definitely him.


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