Lou Lamoriello surprised Leafs fans on Sunday by trading for Tomas Plekanec.



#TradeCentre: Tomas Plekanec joins the #Leafs. Thoughts? πŸ€”

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Surprisingly, the most talked about thing after the deal was made among fans was Plekanec's signature turtleneck and if he would be wearing it in Toronto.

On Monday, Plekanec met the Leafs in Tampa Bay and skated with the team for the first time in, you guessed it, his signature turtleneck.

Following practice, Plekanec was asked about the turtleneck and had some fun discussing it.

The former Hab also discussed shaving to comply with the Leafs' rules.

It seems like the fans are divided on the turtleneck, but if Plekanec plays well, especially in the playoffs, we'd venture to guess that he'll start a fashion statement.

(H/T: Mark Masters)