It's crazy that the Edmonton Oilers are so far out of the playoff race after convincingly making it to the postseason last year and having Connor McDavid on their team.

Edmonton has struggled this season and we imagine the one word everyone in the organization along with the fans would use to describe this season would be frustrating.  There might be another 'F' word fans use before frustrating, but you get the point.

Sunday, the Oilers were in Colorado and most of the game was frustrating for the players as they peppered Semyon Varlamov with shots, but were down 2-1 in the third period.  If there was one video to perfectly display the team's frustrations, it would be this one of Ryan Strome losing it on the bench.

As great as Strome's reaction to getting robbed was, Jesse Puljujarvi's reaction to watching Strome go nuts was even better.

He was nodding along to Strome smashing his stick and then couldn't help but laugh.

Apparently Strome taking out his anger helped, though, as he scored the game-winning goal.

(H/T: @JSBMjeanshorts)