In their title defence season, it feels like the Toronto Raptors are determined to one-up their championship season.

Their 53-19 regular season record, although cut short by the season hiatus, is good for the best win percentage in team history, but forget team history. Their 15-game winning streak is good for the longest winning streak in Canadian sports history! All this, too, despite some seriously awful luck with injuries.

The Raptors have gotten it done with one of the most impressive team efforts we've seen in a minute, getting contributions from up and down the roster. This might be one of the deepest squads that Toronto has put together in a long time, and certainly one of the most likeable.

So, with all of the personalities on the team this year, we decided to create a quiz to see which one you identify as best!

Let's start with some simple game theory: Tie game, five seconds left, your team is inbounding to you. What's your move?

>>You're taking control of your own fate here: Shoot the ball.

>>Try to draw the help defence and find the open man: Pass the ball.