You’ve probably seen 1,000 of these videos, and you’ve probably gotten goosebumps 1,000 times as well. There’s something about seeing the raw emotion of a surprise reunion that really hits viewers deep, and even then there are some better than others.

The New York Rangers helped pull off an incredible surprise for Luke Buck – his father Ian returning home from serving over a year in Afghanastan.

This particular surprise was made even better by the build-up. Luke was selected to participate in a contest where he names as many sports-themed movies as he can, remotely competing against a pre-recorded attempt by Adam Fox. Not only did he win the jersey, but he got an even bigger prize as well.



We could watch this moment on repeat and it would not lose its emotional hit. When the two’s long embrace finally loosens, cameras catch Luke fully engulfed in tears.

Bigger than hockey, bigger than sports.

(H/T YouTube/NHL)