The 1st round of the NHL playoffs is well underway, with the New York Rangers and Florida Panthers already advancing to the 2nd round. Meanwhile, there are FIVE series currently sitting at 3-1. Only one series has two wins on each side, and that’s Dallas vs. Vegas.

The Avalanche, Canucks, Oilers, Bruins, and Hurricanes all lead their series 3-1 against the Jets, Predators, Kings, Leafs, and Islanders, respectively. While the odds would suggest we’ve got a pretty clear view of the 2nd round combatants, sports are crazy a crazy thing and anything can happen.



So which of the one-win teams is most likely to make a “crazy thing” happen? Corwin, Jesse, and Poc got together to discuss this very topic on the latest edition of the BarDown Podcast.

NOTE: This podcast was recorded before the Tampa Bay Lightning were officially eliminated.



The guys don’t have a lot of faith in the Islanders, the Kings, and – almost surprisingly – they all seemed to agree the Jets were in tougher than the others. We say surprisingly because this is one of the only times Jesse has not gone full homer route, and he candidly talked about the lack of top-end talent as a huge crutch to the team.

Some of the matchups – such as the Kings situation – aren’t as much on the team facing the deficit, it’s more – as Poc says – Edmonton turning a corner.

Do you agree with these rankings? Which team do you think is most likely to come back from dead like the overused Undertaker gif?

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