They vary from city to city. Ticket prices, that is.

Recently, Forbes listed its annual valuations of every NHL team, and included the average ticket price to attend a game for each organization. Here is a list of the average ticket price for the seven Canadian NHL teams.

1) Toronto Maple Leafs- $96 US/$125.59 CDN

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No surprises here.

The Leafs hold the highest average ticket price of the teams on the list. The Air Canada Centre holds 18,819 fans, so that’s one of the many reasons why the organization does so well. You might be surprised to find out, though, that they aren’t the NHL’s most expensive franchise, nor are they even Canada’s. That title belongs to our next team on the list.

2) Montreal Canadiens- $88 US/$115.13 CDN

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Ranked only behind the New York Rangers for being the league’s most expensive franchise at $1.12 billion, an average ticket price at the Bell Centre is $88. Their fans are extremely loyal, and selling tickets has never really been an issue for this historic franchise. Their arena holds an astounding 21,273 people.

3) Vancouver Canucks- $76 US/$99.43 CDN

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It makes sense for the Canucks’ average ticket price to be in Canada’s top three, mainly because the city is so expensive. Although the team has struggled in recent years, the organization has been able to offer tickets at an average price of $76. This number could drop in the future if the team does not improve its recent production, however.

4) Winnipeg Jets- $73 US/$95.50 CDN

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The Jets have the lowest valuation of the Canadian teams ($340 million), but rank fourth in average ticket prices. Their relatively high price is due to the fact that its arena is so small. The MTS Centre holds just 15,272, making it the league’s smallest arena. 

5) Edmonton Oilers- $66 US/$86.34 CDN

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It’s incredible to see what a successful first-overall pick can do to a team. Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, for example, have individually increased their respective franchise’s value by millions of dollars. The Oilers failed to find their first overall hero after striking out with three of them (Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Nail Yakupov), and consequently have missed the playoffs every year since 2007. Finally, they have their man who appears to be capable of carrying them to the promised land in Connor McDavid. Look for their ticket prices to only increase going forward. Their beautiful new arena is sure to help, too.

6) Calgary Flames- $59/$77.19 CDN

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Flames tickets are surprisingly very low. The Saddledome is home to some of the NHL’s craziest fans, but they sit second last in Canadian average ticket prices. Similar to the Oilers, this team appears to have a bright future, which should only help their case for raising their current price in the future.

7) Ottawa Senators- $51 US/$66.72 CDN

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The nation’s capital has the league’s lowest average ticket price. If you’re a Leafs fan and want to save a couple of bucks to witness the battle of Ontario, hop on a bus and head down to the Canadien Tire Centre, because the two team’s ticket prices are quite different. 

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