Sports. Balls. They go hand in hand.

Sports balls have brought us joy throughout our life and with the amount of arguments we have about the sports themselves, we thought it was finally time to have an argument about the balls themselves. This way the next time you’re going to the schoolyard, the beach or the park and you’re not sure what you want to do, you’ll have an idea of what to bring with you.

The balls are ranked in three made-up categories that will not be explained other than the blurb attached to the rankings. The categories are:




Honourable mentions go out to LaVar Ball and meatballs, as they did not make the list.


@bardown is answering the questions that no one asked! What is the best ball? 🤔🤔😂

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30. Bocce Ball

29. Tether Ball

28. Foosball

27. Softball

26. Ski Ball

25. Cricket Ball

24. Pool Ball

23. Volley Ball

22. Indian Rubber Ball

21. Jai Alai Ball

20. Squash Ball

19. Skoosh Ball

18. Medicine Ball

17. Bowling Ball

16. Snow Ball

15. Racket Ball

The bounciness of a racket ball makes it a more versatile version of a squash ball and you don’t even have to warm it up.

14. Whiffle Ball

It feels like whiffle balls are used for practicing other sports more than their own, but they’re definitely versatile.

13. Bouncy Ball/Super Ball

The bounciest of all balls, which gets it this high but it’s got a pretty low ceiling.

12. Exercise Ball

The ball that can make you better at using all other balls. Also great for internet clips of kids bouncing themselves into walls.

11. Red Road Hockey Ball

The sites called BarDown, did you really think THE hockey ball wasn’t going to make it pretty high?

10. Lacrosse Ball

Criminally underrated, probably even on this list, there is no ball more fun to bounce.

9. Beach Ball

Here for a good time, not a long time. The beach ball makes an appearance once in a while, and it can make any pool party, concert or game of keep up more fun for a while, it gets old pretty quick.

8. Golf Ball

A truly unique ball that is surprisingly versatile. Shoutout to golf balls for helping us all practice stick-handling.

7. Basketball

Great bounce, and the flick of the wrist can feel as smooth as the release of any ball on the market.

6. Baseball

The perfect ball to have a catch with. The stitches allow for different levels of expertise. Name another ball that someone can hurl with the precision of a baseball.

5. Football

While there are few balls that are more fun to throw, the shape and toughness make it pretty one-dimensional. Still, what’s better than throwing the perfect spiral?

4. Ping Pong Ball

A great ball in its sport and, of course, a great party ball as well. We’ll stop there.

3. Dodge Ball

Probably the first ball that everyone thinks of when they think of a ball. It can also be known as a kick ball (Shout out to TJ Detweiler). Name a funner ball, we’ll wait.

2. Soccer Ball

The beautiful game was built on the beautiful ball. It is probably the most popular ball in the world, but outside of playing soccer with it, it’s not that useful. However, when the top athletes in the world are bending free kicks in from outside the box, you really realize the possibility of its peak performance.

1. Tennis Ball

Tennis balls are versatile (Road hockey, fetch, wall ball, tennis etc.), they have a great bounce and you can find one in just about every house. Tennis balls open up a world of possibilities in virtually any situation and hit peak performance when they’re used for their intended purposes. There are few better feelings than drilling a curling forehand down the line.


The @BarDown best ball power rankings are in! •• Thoughts? 🤔🤔

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