The NBA half released and half leaked a brand new set of jerseys and from everything we’ve seen so far, we’ve been able to decide which ones are our favourites.

Darren Rovell initially tweeted most of them out (While a couple leaked earlier this week), but then deleted them and teams started posting them on their own. Most teams used this fourth jersey (Fifth for some) as a chance to take a risk on a jersey and try something different. The whole point of Nike and the NBA collaboration on these jersey was to inspire something that connected to the city or region in which the team resides.

For example, at number 9, you’ll see the Raptors jersey that we wrote about earlier. The Raps are clearly continuing with their Northern theme, but the design is different from anything we’ve seen in the NBA. In this list you’ll see teams be rewarded for taking risks and trying something different. Any of the teams that did that came up with something pretty unique and we’re sure will be fan favourites for years to come.

Here are our rankings of the top 10 City Edition jerseys:

  1. Lakers – Black Mamba Jersey

They dedicated an entire jersey to Kobe. How could this not be number one?

  1. Heat – Miami Vice Jersey

We didn’t know how much we needed Miami Vice jerseys until now. If they don’t switch to this full-time next season, they’re making a huge mistake.

  1. Kings – Lion Kings

The Kings initially came to the city of Sacramento carrying over these colours from the Kansas City franchise before them. We love the colourway and like it even more with an updated logo to make it their own.

  1. Warriors – Chinese Heritage

The Warriors and the Rockets seem to have fully committed to growing the game overseas and this is just a continuation of that. We love the original design and we’re sure it will be a hit overseas (Where it might sell more jerseys than everyone else).

  1. Jazz – Sun Rise

This one was actually released a couple of days ago, but we love it. The Jazz have been on fire with their jerseys this season and have received rave reviews since the announcement.

  1. Pacers – Racing Stripe

Nice homage to the racing history in Indiana. This is just a nice looking jersey and we love the unique number and name display.

  1. Knicks – FDNY Jersey

New York has a special connection to their fire department and it’s great to see them honour that. Also, now that the franchise seems back on track, it can symbolize the end of the tire fire that the organization was for so long.

  1. Pelicans – NOLA

A colourful Mardi Gras theme was probably to be expected from New Orleans, but it’s a nice change of pace from the jerseys they wear night in and night out.

  1. Raptors – North Over Everything

The #Raptors fourth jersey has leaked. Thoughts on their "City" jersey?

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It’s a nice jersey, but we just want that Raptors purple back.

  1. Bucks – Cream City

There doesn’t seem too be much meaning behind this one, but it’s a modern and unique look in the NBA.

Here are some of the other jerseys that have been released: