Hockey is BACK and fans are finding all kinds of ways to celebrate. The hockey content is flowing through our veins once again as we prepare for a very unique NHL season.

One particularly entertaining piece of hockey content came in a form we’re not exactly used to. A TikTok rapper that goes by the name C4. Bernard was challenged by a comment to rap a verse using every single NHL team.

The rapper openly admits that he doesn’t watch hockey, but he nails it pretty well considering.


Reply to @wgc.birrddd All my sports fans I really need your help to blow this up❗️❗️ #GoodMorning #MakeItVogue #CancelTheNoise #nhl #rap #fyp

♬ original sound - C4. Benard

Not going to lie, had to watch it a few times to make sure he hit all the teams.

Which was the most clever rhyme? Let us know @BarDown!

(H/T C4. Bernard)