If you’re not a Toronto Raptors fan you’ve probably wondered who the passionate fan is yelling underneath the visiting team’s basket while watching a game on TV. If you are a Toronto Raptors fan, you know exactly who he is, even if you’ve never been to a game before.

Nav Bhatia, best known throughout the GTA as ‘Superfan’, might just be the biggest Toronto Raptors fan in the world.

He doesn’t just take in the home games, as he also spends quite a bit of money and time following the team during the season and the playoffs, and he’s never missed a game in the 20-plus years he’s owned season tickets.

However, the man who has lines of people waiting to shake his hand and take a picture with him at every Raptors home game recently had to deal with some racist comments from a Bucks fan. Being the bigger man, Bhatia sent out this classy tweet on Friday, where he thanked the Bucks fans who did come to his defence and showed some love for the city of Milwaukee.

Racism is never acceptable and we’re glad to see the support Bhatia has been getting from Bucks fans, and Raptors fans, during this time.

A spot in the NBA Finals might be on the line, but at the end of the day it’s just sports.

(H/T Twitter/superfan_nav)