For two and a half decades, the Detroit Red Wings were a force in the NHL that could never be counted out. That was up until a few years ago, and now they can most definitely be counted out. The Red Wings are a mess at the moment, but we’ll let that slide after being such a consistently good team for so long.

Nothing makes that more clear than Arby’s restaurant changing their promotional curly fry giveaway in an extremely drastic way.

Instead of a Red Wings player needing to score a hat trick on home ice for fans to take their tickets to Arby’s for some fries, now the Red Wings just need to score a hat trick on home ice in general. As in, they just need to score three goals. Doesn’t matter who, they just need a 3 on the board at Little Caesars arena.



Ouch. Well, Wings fans finally got their curly fries (almost a month into the season). They beat the Dallas Stars 4-2, moving their record to 2-7-2 and scoring thrice in the process.



To be fair, it’s not even that much of a risk this year. They only scored over three goals at home 14 times last season, and this year they may be even worse. The Wings haven't had a player score a hat trick in nearly two calendar years. 



(H/T Real Clear Life)