Here’s something you rarely ever see.

During Sunday’s afternoon tilt between the Reds and Mets with the score tied 5-5, Cincy second baseman Scooter Gennett was called out on strike three, thinking the pitch was outside.

Home-plate umpire Shane Livensparger ejected Gennett after he angrily threw his helmet down on home plate and hucked his shin pad across the batter’s box.

Reds manager Bryan Price came out to have a chat with Livensparger, which quickly started turning into an argument. First base-ump Jerry Layne tried to cool things down a little, but that’s not what broke the disagreement up.

It was the tune of God Bless America.



The camera shot of Price’s reaction to umps telling him to confirm for the tribute song is, well, priceless.

One second he’s pent up with rage aimed at an umpire before he realizes that he should be taking off his ballcap and putting it over his chest to salute the United States. You can still see that Price is still pissed off standing next to the man he was just arguing with.

This isn’t the first time such an incident like this occurred: Former Tigers manager had a similar tirade back in 2006. Leyland’s outburst was much more exuberant and he continued to argue during the song.

Price was able to contain himself, settle down, and returned to the dugout like a good patriot should. 

(h/t to MLB Cut4)