It’s the anniversary of one of the greatest memories in USA Hockey history.

41 years ago today, the legendary “Miracle on Ice” game against the USA and USSR took place at Lake Placid during the 1980 Winter Olympics and has remained a staple moment within hockey’s history.

So in honour of the game held in 1980, Cut4 dove deep into the MLB archives and brought back this hilarious yet adorable video from 2010 of a young boy delivering Herb Brooks’ classic speech.

The then four-year-old Josh Sacco did an amazing job not only looking the part in his matching suit but reciting the legendary speech to lead the Boston Red Sox in their matchup against the New York Yankees.

This kid absolutely radiates confidence. He delivered, sold, and gave Kurt Russell a run for his money with that re-enactment.

It’s safe to say this kid has us completely fired up for Spring Training and the 2021 baseball season.

(H/T Cut4)