Toronto Marlies winger Rich Clune has played a lot of different roles over his hockey career, with his most recent role being the veteran leader on a young team, but this past summer the 30-year-old tried something entirely new.

On his spare time, Clune does a lot of work with the Canadian Mental Health Association and Sick Not Weak and volunteers as a counsellor for recovering addicts at Renascent Treatment Centre, which led to his recent project Hypostasis, an experimental short film that explores ontology and mental health.

Last week, producer Cameron Murton released the first trailer of the short film and it looks pretty interesting.

It's a 30-minute short film that follows the mind of character Matthew Robinson as he tried to control his bipolar condition and nurture his relationships with family and friends, and all profits from the film will go towards different mental health institutions around Toronto.

The cast and crew are currently working to raise $35,000 through an online campaign to cover the costs of the cast, crew, post production and donations for different mental health organizations. They also released a crowdfunding video to help with donations, which can be seen below.

You can find out more information about the short film and the cause by clicking here.