If you ask players and coaches around the NHL what makes Sidney Crosby the future Hall of Famer he is, chances are you'll get a lot of a different answers.

Obviously it starts with Sid's incredible on-ice ability which some fans might take for granted.

What makes Crosby the greatest player in the world is so much more than his skill on the ice, though.

When it comes to hard work, nobody works harder than the Penguins' captain.

The man absolutely loves the game of hockey and former Penguins assistant coach Rick Tocchet told a story to Alex Prewitt of SI that further illustrated that fact:

The truly special players make everyone around them better, including their coaches, with their love and passion for the game, and clearly Crosby is one of those players.

Crosby's leadership also separates him from the rest of the pack in the NHL and that characteristic was in display when the Penguins were moments away from winning the Cup.


(H/T: Alex Prewitt)