Robin Lehner and the Vegas Golden Knights are sitting pretty in the round robin with the other three Western Conference top seeds. While that only assures them a 1st round appearance, it could be worse – they could be trying to play their way into the 1st round.

Saying that, there is one silver lining to participating in the play-in round. As we found out during Friday’s Draft Lottery, one of the play-in teams will be awarded the 1st overall pick, despite going into the Draft Lottery with just a 2.5% chance of getting it.

The 8 losing play-in teams will each have a 12.5% chance of earning the pick. Obviously no one wants to lose the play-in round, but a 12.5% chance at Alexis Lafreniere is a pretty good consolation prize.

For Lehner, he thinks it’s good enough that some teams… well… they may not exactly be giving their all!

Through all this, we just can’t help but notice that Taylor Hall – who has been on the Draft Lottery winning team five out of the nine years he’s been in the league (!!!) – still has a shot with the Arizona Coyotes.