The Carolina Hurricanes have been riding some kind of hot streak lately, and with the wins comes their Storm Surge celebration, more and more frequently as the team forces its way into the playoff picture.

As a result, the critics have also been more and more vocal, even leading the Hurricanes to fire back on social media. That hasn’t stopped them from celebrating and Storm Surging, however. On Monday, Hurricanes coach and former team captain Rod Brind’Amour explained the team’s motivations behind the celebrations.

Or, more simply...

Brind’Amour has climbed his way to the pinnacle of the NHL, captaining the Hurricanes to their Stanley Cup championship in 2006, so this is a guy who knows how to play the game at a high level — and, presumably, how fun can be a part of a winning environment, too.

The Storm Surge may be too over the top for some, but it’s clear that the Hurricanes are just happy to be out there, and they aren’t letting anyone take their fun away.

h/t Twitter/ice_chip, SaraCivian