The Cleveland Cavaliers trip to the Big Apple has been eventful to say the least.

Monday, the Cavaliers decided to roam New York City just like regular folk, electing to take the subway, which lead to LeBron James having an awkward encounter with someone sitting next to him on the train. Things only got more interesting for the Cavs in New York after tip-off at Madison Square Garden. During the first quarter, Knicks rookie Frank Ntilikina took exception to James' attitude following a dunk by the King and responded with a shove.

Knicks center Enes Kanter quickly jumped in to back up the rookie guard, getting right in James' face. 



The scuffle, while heated, quickly dissolved and both James and Kanter were given technical fouls for their roles in the dust up. What makes the incident even more interesting is the fact that both LeBron and Kanter were already feuding before the game due to a comment the Cavs star had inadvertently made about Ntilikina.

While discussing Dallas Mavericks rookie Dennis Smith Jr., LeBron stated the following. 



Kanter took LeBron's comment as a shot at Ntilikina -- the point guard who the Knicks did end up drafting -- and responded with a showing of support to his teammate.



LeBron later reiterated that his praising of Dennis Smith was not meant as a shot at Ntilikina, and that he was actually criticizing Phil Jackson and the Knicks organization. 



And suddenly the scuffle makes perfect sense...