It's all fun and games until you have to slip on your rivals' team colours. 

Most sports fans have a sense of loyalty towards their team that would absolutely forbid them from wearing their rivals' jerseys. This is why it has become a popular wager stake among fans and players alike. Loser wears the jersey of the winner's favourite team. 

Some recent victims include Golden Tate, Steph Curry, DeShone Kizer, Jonathan Toews, and even Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

Now, Russell Wilson has joined the club.

The former Wisconsin Badger was pulling for his team in the Big Ten Championship as they took on rival Ohio State. He was so confident in the Badgers beating the Buckeyes that he was willing to bet on it. He wasn't betting money though, he was betting his pride. 

After Ohio State won the game, Wilson had his outfit for the next week already selected. He had made a bet with the Seahawks' ball boy about the game, and as punishment for losing the bet he now has to wear a Troy Smith Ohio State Buckeyes jersey. 

Proving that he's a good sport, Wilson posted a video explaining the reason for his taboo outfit.

Despite the unfortunate betrayal, we're sure the Badgers' beloved quarterback will still be allowed around campus whenever he pleases.

(H/T For The Win)