We love NHL bromances, and our hearts are full at the the sight of The Vegas Golden Knights’ Ryan Reaves and Nate Schmidt finally being reunited at practice.


The Golden Knights' infamous Twitter page shared the heart-warming moment of Reaves prodding at Schmidt between reporters during a media scrum. Reaves obviously wasn’t the only person that was overwhelmed with joy to see his teammate - whos’ 20-game suspension finally expires on the 18th of November, when the Knights travel to take on the Oilers - as his teammate, Colin Miller, was also giddy at the mention of Schmidt’s return.



Schmidt, too, had a long-winded statement regarding his comeback, and he couldn’t keep from smiling ear to ear when talking about happy he was to be back with his teammates.



Members of the Golden Knights weren’t the only ones who were relieved to have the undrafted defenseman back in the lineup, as fans took to Twitter to share their excitement.




There’s good reason for the excitement, too, as Schmidt was a part of the inaugural Knights squad that dazzled the hockey world last year, and put up an impressive 36 points. It remains to be seen, though if he can keep that up after being sidelined for 20 games, but with the support of his teammates, we think he’ll be just fine.  

(H/T Golden Knights)