There have been a lot of silly rumours going around about how Auston Matthews and John Tavares would mesh on a Leafs team, but one screenshot seems to have totally eliminated that.

The team is far from training camp still, but Tavares and Matthews had an opportunity to get on the ice together before playing with a group of local kids and the Leafs shares a short clip. A really short clip. Leafs fans don’t need much to get excited, though, so a lot of tweets have been shared about one specific part of this video. The first initial reaction is interest in seeing Tavares in the Blue and White colours, but next is seeing the ear-to-ear grin on Matthews’ face while they’re on the ice together.


There really shouldn’t be any doubt that Matthews would be excited about teaming up with one of the best players in the world, but this really isn’t the number one piece of evidence. This clip is edited together in a way that there is really no context to the smile, but the waves of people close to Matthews talking about excited he is should be a pretty good sign. Earlier this week, Bobby Orr (Who owns the agency that represents Matthews) clearly stated how excited he is.

It will no doubt be a fun season for Leafs fans and players after a strong offseason.