Sean Payton's style on the sidelines may have turned into a brand deal opportunity for him.

On Thursday, Sean Payton told us about an opportunity he had to visit Michael Jordan's brand new golf course. The Saint's head coach had never met Jordan before, and as the former NBA star finished up his last round he approached coach Payton and the first thing he said was that he recognized that coach was sporting Jordan's on the sidelines and that he was going to be the first Jordan coach!

Now, some people may think that it was just friendly banter but apparently it's in the works! Sean Payton received an email a couple of weeks later.

Sean Payton is a fan of the Jordan brand, he even shares it with his players!

The New Orleans Saints coach told us about a fun deal he had with Saints wide received, Mike Thomas. Thomas, who's love for Nike's Jordan sneaker is no secret, was rewarded by head coach Sean Payton, with a pair of his own size 13 sneakers if he had a good game.

Well, Mike Thomas had many good games, and with that, many pairs of Jordans.

I think Sean Payton has gained some points from his fans.