The 32nd NHL franchise has narrowed down their list of potential names.

Last December, the ownership group of the team registered trademarks for 13 potential names: Seattle Cougars, Seattle Eagles, Seattle Emeralds, Seattle Evergreens, Seattle Firebirds, Seattle Kraken, Seattle Rainiers, Seattle Renegades, Seattle Sea Lions, Seattle Seals, Seattle Sockeyes, Seattle Totems and the Seattle Whales.

We're still two years out from the team hitting the ice at the renovated KeyBank Arena, but the team is working hard being the scenes doing their due diligence. On Monday, the team's official Twitter account tweeted a photo from the Seattle Space Needle featuring signed envelope of the "final five names" in a time capsule that's set to be open in 2062.

While we don't know any of the names, the team did survey fans on what they'd liked to be named around back in May, a website that has since become private. Perhaps once 2062 rolls around, we can finally know the list of the other names the organization considered!

What are the five team names that made the cut? We'll go out on a limb and say it's the Sockeyes, Totems, Sea Lions, Evergreens and Rainiers, but that's purely from a fun, speculation sense.

What do you think they should be named? Let us know in the comments!