If youโ€™re anywhere near the city of Toronto today, you can almost feel the entire GTA holding its breath collectively.  

Raptors fans are all on edge, anxiously awaiting the decision of Kawhi Leonard, who landed in Toronto this afternoon to meet with Raptors executives



Now, his teammates are chiming in, and apparently are feeling the same type of stress that fans are. Teammate Serge Ibaka took to Twitter today to share his own feelings of stress about where Kawhi will go. 



Yup, our fingers are crossed too, Serge.

Ibaka is the same guy that straight up asked Kawhi if he was staying earlier this season, which elicited pretty much the same response that weโ€™re dealing with now.



At least we know weโ€™ll have an answer soon.


(H/T: Twitter/SergeIbaka