Kyle Lowry is a pretty fearless guy, but Serge Ibaka decided to put that to the test — or should we say, to the testes.

Inviting his point guard onto his ‘How Hungry Are You?’ YouTube cooking show, Ibaka whipped up a real treat for Lowry. Paying homage to Lowry’s Philadelphia roots, Ibaka presented him with a Philly cheesesteak... made with bull testicles.

“What the [expletive],” says Lowry, and that just about covers that. (Go to 11:30 if you want to see the dish.)


Yeah, we don’t think Lowry will be coming through Serge’s kitchen again. To his credit, he went for it and took a big ol’ bite out of that thing, but let’s just say that it didn’t stay down.

In the rest of the episode, the two also discuss the funniest guy on the Raptors (Serge... and Kawhi?!), the return of Lowry’s old buddy DeMar DeRozan to Toronto and more. Some of Ibaka’s other Raptors teammates have been recent guests on the show as well, including Kawhi Leonard himself this week.


h/t YouTube/Serge Ibaka