Listen, if we’ve learned anything about Serge Ibaka in his time with the Toronto Raptors, it’s that the man knows how to eat. His cooking series How Hungry Are You? has been a hit, and the city of Toronto, with its highly diverse food scene, seems to be a perfect fit for Ibaka.

Ibaka talked about his love for the city with Air Canada's enRoute Magazine, and highlighted some of his favourite spots to eat. On matters of food, we trust his judgment implicitly.


The nice thing about getting restaurant recommendations from Ibaka is that, presumably, the offerings on the menu are relatively normal in comparison to the meals that he likes to spring on his teammates.

Case in point: The most recent guest on How Hungry Are You? was Pascal Siakam, who was treated to a dish of... fish eyes from Ibaka. We trust Ibaka’s taste in restaurants, but maybe we’re not so much ready for him to chef anything up for us.


h/t YouTube/Serge Ibaka